About Barbara

Barbara Volk

Weston, WV

Barbara and Comanche

Barbara and Comanche

Regional Advisor for GaWaNi PonyBoy
Reiki Master
Advanced Applied Equine Podiatrist
Eclectic Artist

Follow your dreams. I believe that when we make our dreams come true we move beyond the mundane experience of modern culture and into a realm of profound Spiritual Consciousness where anything is possible.



My life and my work are one and the same, with my own personal goal being integration of Body / Mind / Spirit, and through my work, sharing the process with others.

For me it is ALWAYS about the PROCESS, and it has lead me to learn many life skills that contribute to living my life in a Holistic way.

With The Spirit of the Horse, Their power as teachers and their willingness to work with us allows humans a unique way of developing our own life skills. Through a relationship with horses we learn to:

Discover our hidden potential

Read body language

Be assertive without being overpowering

Move through fear and self-doubt into an understanding of our own true self and power

Find a place of quiet and calm

Develop authentic relationships

Applied Equine Podiatry, for a sound and shoeless horse from the ground up. Not just a trim, AEP is true Whole Horse Hoof Care.


Relationship training for a better horse/human connection.

Horses Teaching people I & II, private lessons and small groups

The Natural Horsemanship movement has become the jumping off point for many horse owners to look towards a more Holistic approach to every aspect of their horses’ care, and the next logical step being to look for the same in their own lives.

Flower Remedies can assist with mental and emotional dis-ease

Organic gardening and wild foods will help build a healthy physical body

Medicinal Herbs

Homeopathic remedies

Yoga and Meditation


Reiki Healing, a hands on technique of healing which has a profound effect on every aspect of our wellbeing, and is helpful for animals as well as humans.

Horse Hair jewelry, braided, hitched and beaded. A personal memento can be created with your horses’ hair.

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