Bullet and Augie

Hey Barbara, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you are doing with Bullet and Augie. The more I know the more particular I am about things like their feet. I love that you are always learning and studying, and that your passion for excellence is helping my horses. Your attention to detail, competence and skill are notable.

With Augie you have taken him that last 10% we were missing before, and he is sound and comfortable on all footing including gravel. Bullet came from a situation where he was trimmed too short for a long time, and he has poor hoof quality. Since you began trimming him last August I have seen a steady improvement. (If I followed your prescription to walk him in support pads I am sure the positive changes would happen more quickly.)

Thanks again for helping my boys be healthy and sound!


Tenley Shewmake, Renick, WV

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