I first met Kaya in July 04. He belongs to friends. They asked me to start caring for his feet and I turned them down because I didn’t feel I knew enough to care for someone else’s horse, especially one with problems.
I am sorry I turned them down because Kaya’s feet deteriorated badly. They asked me again. They were told he had foundered and there was nothing that could be done for him.

This time I agreed. My daughter Autumn and husband Mik agreed to help me with the responsibility. He came on Dec. 30. He was obviously in so much pain that he could hardly stand up. His eyes were glazed. He stood with his
front feet splayed trying very hard to keep the weight off his hind feet. He was totally lame. His feet were so infected that his frogs were almost non existent. His toes were so long that he was actually standing on his heel
bulbs which had turned to callus.
We observed him for a few days and began some Chinese herbal remedies from “Love of the horse”. We used the hoof ailment remedy and one for immune system support.

On Jan 2 05 we cleantraxed him. He obviously gained some relief from that treatment because he began moving around a bit but only by dragging his feet. Jan 6 we applied the trim. An amazing amount of dead tissue came off of his soles and frogs, especially the hind feet. By the next morning he had a sparkle in his eye! He was actually picking up his feet and taking steps. He began eating more.

Jan 10 we applied solemates and took him for a walk. My taping technique definitely needs improvement! We took them off and Autumn walked him a while longer because he really wanted to move. he trotted a bit and kicked up his hinds with what looked to me like joyful exuberance! He was so animated and full of energy. This was a completely different horse than the one that stepped into my barn a week and a half ago.

The next day we used solemates again (my taping was better). when we took them off Autumn took him trotting and he jumped high into the air and did a flying spinning buck. I wish I had a picture of that! This is an absolute miracle.

Kaya’s people are coming out this weekend and I am going to begin teaching them how to keep his feet healthy. We will continue with solemates and will apply the trim again. I look forward to seeing this pony’s continued recovery

Autumn just took Kaya for a walk and when she picked out his feet huge chunks of false sole came off his hind feet. These chunks were about 1/2″ thick. This was truly an amazing sight to see. His front feet are beginning to exfoliate a little bit and I can see where I could almost put the knife under and just pull it off. It seems like a few more days of solemates and the front feet will completely exfoliate as well. then there will be a lot of hoof
wall and we can trim again!

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