Dixie is a 7 year old Paint.

When I first saw her she was being treated for WLD with the traditional method of cutting away the hoof wall. Her feet had been so severely dubbed and her heels were so under-run from imbalanced trimming, that she had no hoof and her entire weight was on her sole. She had acute laminitis and was a grade 4 lameness.

There was very little That I could do with the trim because she simply has no foot.

This is as much balance as I could achieve. I wrapped her with PHW and she spent several days on stall rest.

As you can see she has severe DHS (deformed hoof syndrome).







Finally! Dixie has hoof wall! She has fully recovered from the laminitis and is sound at a gallop. The cracks that you see will take longer to resolve. Visit my facebook page for a discussion about Dixies feet.

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